Netflix has travelled far in history and has made a lot of contribution to the world and its people

Netflix Across Gadgets
Netflix Across Gadgets

Netflix and its Journey

Watching movies is a lot of fun. Many people are engaged in it and the business doesn’t really go out. This is because development of movies is still endlessly being continued and more and more upgrades are happening in it. This is why Netflix, who is in this line of business, is still running strong and are loved by many.
Movies aren’t a business, well, what businessman do with it is what turned it to businesses. Watching cinema can’t exactly be applied to everyone; this is because some may not afford it or some are just too busy and aren’t able to sit on that cinema couch for hours. Movie rentals were then developed ? to give users a more convenient way to watch the movies they want to watch. But just as you think it won’t get any better, Netflix arrived.
On 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, Marc Randolph with Reed Hastings who previously had work on pure software with Mitch Lowe founded the Netflix. Randolph was a co-founder of a computer mail order company by the name of MicroWarehouse. Later he was employed by Borland International as vice-president of marketing and Hastings, Well, he was a math teacher who found Pure Software which was recently sold for $700 million dollars. The idea came to Hastings when he was asked to pay an extra $40 dollars because he was failed to give back a CD of Apollo 13 at the time allotted.
The Netflix website was launched on August 29, 1997 with only 30 employees and 925 works available for rent and brought a more traditional, online pay-per-rental model (US $4 per rental plus US $2 in postage; late fees applied). Netflix introduced the monthly subscription concept in September 1999, and then dropped the single-rental model in early 2000. Since that time the company has built its reputation on the business model of flat-fee unlimited rentals without due dates, late fees, shipping and handling fees, or per title rental fees.
Netflix is one of the most successful dot com ventures ? meaning the one of the most successful businesses online. A ‘The New York Times’ article from September 2002, said that at the time, Netflix mailed about 190,000 discs per day to its 670,000 monthly subscribers. By then, the number of their users just continued to rise and many has happened since. What remains fact is that this dot com venture isn’t going out soon, in fact, I think many people will still be added to the subscribers of this amazing Online movie rental slash online streaming of movies. What do you know, maybe Netflix will once again think of another bright idea that may caught our fancies off guard.

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