Here are steps to cancel your Netflix account.

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Netflix Across Gadgets

Cancelling your Netflix Account

Watching movies is an important part to an individual’s life. After all that stress piling up, what comes after a good night sleep is having fun. You can get this from games but many people watch movies instead and some even engages in movie marathons where they will watch consecutive movies for hours and hours. What made this easier for them is Netflix, which ease the process of watching on-the-date movies.
Movies streamed on Netflix ranges from those popular to not; family movies to r rated movies; comedy to horror etc. There are so many services which they offer in order to serve you movie palettes. But surely, something like this doesn’t come for free. With a monthly rate for you to pay, you will enjoy the service of Netflix and unlimited movies to watch.
Netflix may surely give you many benefits, but still there may come the time when you may find another place to watch movies or find entertainment, so when that time comes, what will happen to your Netflix account? Surely, you won’t want to just let it run dry in the internet, you might as well cancel your membership then to cut any possible payments.
Okay so what you first need to do is to sign in to your account. Just go to the Netflix home and type your username and password and continue. Once that is done, look for the “Your Account” tab. You may find this on the top right corner of the page and select the option from the drop-down menu that will appear. Once there, simply select “Cancel Membership”. You will see this on the top left corner of the page just under the “Membership & Billing” tag. When you’ve clicked that, then just check the box to accept the terms of cancelling your Netflix account and finish the cancellation process.
When you’ve finally cancelled your Netflix account, there will be a confirmation email that will be sent to the email accompanied by your account when you signed up. Keep this to prove that you’ve already cancelled your account when you’re accidentally charged in the future.
Don’t worry about your account after you’ve cancelled it. All of the information about your account will be kept by Netflix for a year in case you decide to rejoin them. And when you do, all of your history in Netflix will be reactivated and it will be like you never cancelled it. Enjoy your Netflix account to the fullest!